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Perfect Solutions to Power Your Life

More and more consumers adopt multiple smart devices which generate a growing need for power and connectivity products, both
at home and on the go. In 2017, 1.5 billion units of smartphones is forecasted to ship. This trend will drive consumer demand for power
banks, chargers, charging cables and phone accessories. At EXPONA, we have a vast assortment of products to connect and power
your mobile gadgets. And we have the perfect accessories to connect and extend your computer and A/V appliances at home. Our
products include:
• Powerbanks, rechargeable and alkaline batteries, surge protectors
• Auto accessories: car jump starters, inverters, car chargers
• iPhone and Android accessories
• Computer accessories: adapters, DisplayPort/ HDMI /VGA/ networking, mice, keyboards, hubs
• Home entertainment accessories: TV antennas, gaming and speaker cables, remote controllers, and more


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