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We make it happen


Turnkey Solutions Provider

We are a comprehensive one stop powerhouse offering
product design in consumer electronics lifestyle
products, and sourcing services. With our global network
of strategic partners, we can provide world class support
to incubate great new ideas too.


Products sold to7500+stores worldwide

Customized Services
for you

We perform a vast array of proven processes. Everything
from market analysis, product innovation, cost management
to factory audits, and monitoring international exports and
inventory levels. That’s a long list of activities. Who better
than our experts at EXPONA to make you and your
customers happy?



We create compelling products and innovations integrating leading edge
technologies. Explore emerging technologies with our experts and find out how
they can be of relevance in bringing your ideas to the next level.

Sourcing & Product Development

We provide best in class solutions from understanding market trends &
customers to procurement to controlling production & quality. Our designers, test
engineers and quality control teams make sure every product is thoroughly tested
to meet all customer specifications, market and safety regulations.

4PL & On-line Channel Management

No matter if it is shipping finished goods to your distributors or to your end
customers directly, we offer total supply chain or logistic solutions to get your
products where they need to be as quickly as possible.

Bulk Orders

Interested in being a distributor of one of our products? Contact us to get special
bulk pricing and quantity information.

  2. Raising over $90k
  3. Wires will never get in the way of great music again

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